Sam Massey

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Initial experiences with Expression Engine

Ive got to say, Im rather impressed with the ease with which everything got installed and getting to the stage where an initial page was being served. Ive been running through
the video tutorials and abundance of documentation and have got to grips with the some of the basic concepts involved (weblogs, templates, template groups, custom fields).

The data in the about field (and also some hidden date, Date Of Birth etc) is held in one personal ‘weblog’, also containing the name of the ‘weblog’ which contains the main posting/blogging data. When the main index.php page is rendered, the correct personal data is extracted and displayed.

I had one issue with my Hosting server that doesnt pass the correct URL suffix parts to EE (http:\\\index.php\search\index). A quick admin config change then inserts the ‘?’ character and the correct data is passed to EE as a parameter instead.

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