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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The overall results for Saturdays Andrews Mare Event can be found here

The split times for the event can be found here: here

Many thanks for all those who supported this event. I hope you enjoyed your runs across this varied part of the New Forest.

I originally undertook to hold this event back in Easter, and after a couple of visits in the spring, I had pretty much planned most of the courses.
They all started in the open heathland before diving into the wooded enclosures and the longer course reached some of the open parts south of the Acres Down car park, I
liked the contrast between the open running and the wooded, but runnable (at that time) enclosures.

After a very warm and wet may, the ever increasing amount of bracken made those original plans (and also to use some of the more technical gravel extraction areas) unworkable. I replanned the courses and tried to maintain the transfers between open and copsed areas, but was prevented from using longer route choice legs across some of the valleys due to the density of the undergrowth. Unfortunately I had already submitted the limits of usage to the FC, else I would have extended the courses Westward over more of the heathland.

In the end I was reasonably happy with the courses, but had perhaps compromised the courses a little in my efforts to keep you out of the thicker bracken and to keep the total number of controls down.

This was my first stab at planning or organising an event (I hope it didnt show), and for the most part was thoroughly enjoyable (what a great excuse to get out to a lovely part of the forest, and select some of the nicest parts of the forest to run through); and Ive learnt a lot about the total amount of work that goes into any event. It was a shame I didnt get to wander out and see some of you running across the open parts (or cursing at some of the slight dampness! wink)

The weather held out on us, and with no other event anywhere nearby, we managed to attract some travellers from outside the region - I hope they thought it was worthwhile.

Many thanks to Charlie for a crash course in OCAD, to Jerry for an updated Emit DB, to Di and Terry for FC liason and control collection, to Ray for control placing and to Lisa for unsolicited help in collecting controls.

Next SOC Event, also in the New Forest on 7th September at the very picturesque and runnable area of Redshoot.

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